Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Week in Retrospect - Scary Faces

What a week! Work was so busy (in a good way) and I got to combat the crazy with some fun - played this awesome board game called Avalon on Thursday night (deception! betrayal! guacomole chips! and lots and lots of yelling!) and dinner with the coworkers on Friday night, which is always a good time. :)

Then cue AMAZING weekend!!

Saturday consisted of an adventure back into the city! We decided to combat the St. Patrick's Day Irish pride by dinner at an Italian restaurant and a trip to the Asian Art Museum! An amazing amount of cool stuff, and a couple of uh... questionable scary things?

Holy Jesus that is frightening.

This is awesome though! One of my favorite pieces I saw :)

There was this awesome graffiti outside of a great ice cream spot called Smitten over on Octavia. (I mean, it's real ice cream from scratch. I could taste the mint leaves in mine. SO GOOD.)

Sunday consisted of a trip to the zoo (with a great view from Skyline Boulevard, I FINALLY saw the Golden Gate Bridge, yikes). Weaving in and out of all the children that were there (shakes fist), I saw lots of avian friends! 
 Penguins! They had a little setup a la the Shire going on. :)

Ever wonder why there's always peacocks running around ever single zoo ever? Me too. 
Silly babies.

Alright, time to get (back) to work! Until next time!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Week In Retrospect - Japantown


Sorry about not posting last week - that week was pretty mellow as far as adventures go so I didn't really have much to talk about!

This week proved a little more interesting. It was a great week at work, I accomplished quite a bit on my end, but as always there is stress the accumulates.

This banana knows what I'm talking about. I'm so sorry, banana.

But enough about that! This weekend I conquered my fear of going into the city by myself. I was convinced I was going to get hopelessly lost on the BART, but it turns out the trains are usually pretty easy to figure out.

I came into the city to meet up with a new friend! We went to the ever-awesome Japantown for lunch and a look around. I am now spoiled on authentic ramen (as opposed to be pre-packaged stuff I'd been eating) from Tanpopo. Make sure you stop by sometime, great food and a great atmosphere!

Then we went on a quest for doggie key caps. We didn't find the ones I'd been looking for, but the journey was pretty awesome nonetheless. There are a ridiculous amount of great stores in Japantown, with a ridiculous amount of awesome/adorable things you won't find anywhere else.

Almost picked this up for you, Kathy!

On the walk back to the BART station we found this awesome church. I may be no great shakes at drawing architecture yet, but I have a weird appreciation for awesome buildings.

Look at that! So huge and majestic! I had to play tourist for a moment...

And on the walk back to my apartment from the CalTrain station, I saw what looked to be a human figure on a balcony. Upon closer inspection:

Luxor madness is sweeping the nation, it seems!

All in all, an amazing day. It feels great to get out of my apartment and explore the city that has so much to see and do!

Gonna stay in today, though. In addition to all my "housekeeping" tasks, I received my Elements "test deck" in the mail this week and I found a lot of adjustments I need to make. Here's a sneak preview!

Until the next adventure! Away!