Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week in Perspective - Cloud 9

G'day guys!

It's been another marvelous week in the Bay. I'm getting a little more familiar with the area - every day goes by and I've explored a little bit more of the neighborhood. I've been getting to sample some of the restaurants around town and there is some DELICIOUS food about - there's a gyros place I'm especially fond of. I also got to explore the library this week, which was actually pretty huge and had a decent selection of art books. Apparently Daniel Radcliffe visited there too - there's a signed portrait of him hanging up near the children's books! Crazy! I also made my first trip on the CalTrain last night and got to run around Hillsdale for a bit, which was fun. Seems like there's quite a bit to do around here! 

Work has been going well; I'm falling into a good routine and finally getting all my technology figured out. We're working on some pretty exciting stuff right now, lots of good games coming up in the coming months!

Speaking of games, I joined my company's basketball team and we've been practicing a couple of days this week. Ordinarily I am not a very active person and the idea of competitive sports isn't my favorite, but I have been reveling in the workouts. It's been weird transitioning from a very active job (dog handling) to a sit-down desk job, and believe it or not I've been looking forward to getting off my butt and running around like a hooligan for an hour or so after work. I'm also getting to know my coworkers a little better and that's always cool.

In addition to all of that, my Elements project apparently went viral this week! I've been featured on The Mary Sue and io9 and they've even shown up on Cheezburger and imgur and have been getting emails and notes all week from people about getting merchandise, or just telling me they loved my work. It's been intense!

My only downside for the week was an ant problem in my apartment; I came home on Tuesday night and there were quite a few of them in my kitchen sink and in a straight marching line across the floor and into the living room. They seem to be coming from under the windowsill, which makes me worried there's a giant colony just behind the wall. I had the same problem when I came home from work on Wednesday. So I picked up some bait traps, and I came home on Thursday night and aside from one or two stragglers on my counter I haven't seen any others. So hopefully that's taken care of!

All in all, this week has been utterly fantastic. The amount of good things happening is mindblowing, and I am trying to soak up every minute of it because I don't want it to go away!

I do miss everyone back home, and my MIAD buddies too. Come out and visit me, it's way too awesome here!

Until next time!



  1. So glad to hear that things are going well!! Can't wait to come and visit you eventually.

  2. If you ever have a chance, take a trip to San Marino and visit the Huntington. It's an amazing library/museum/botanical garden, and is well worth the trip. :)