Friday, February 15, 2013

Fran Sanfisco Comics #1 - Acclimation Issues

Attempting to spice up the blog a little with some art! I've been drawing these "spice of life" comics lately and I thought I'd share them with you!

From what I've gathered about weather in SF, it's fairly comfortable throughout the day but can increase/decrease by about 20 degrees throughout a few hours, so everyone here preaches wearing layers. It never really gets "hot" or "cold" and stays pretty mild.

Everyone I've met who has moved here from a generally "colder" state has admitted to acclimating to California weather. For some, this isn't drastic - wearing a sweatshirt or light jacket during 45 degree weather. Not unheard of. But it's the space heaters, the winter jackets, hats/boots/scarves/gloves combos that makes me go, "CALM DOWN YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE".

For me, the acclimation experience has been interesting. I can definitely tell I'm getting used to the "winter" weather and there are times where I am legitimately chilly. But I still refuse to wear anything more than a sweatshirt, I haven't touched the radiator in my apartment (for several reasons), and I haven't yet felt any need for a space heater or fan. So far these things seem to be working out pretty well but sometimes my body still gets confused about whether I'm stifling or freezing.

As for the snow-drowned/freezing rest of the states - I feel you, bros. I feel you.


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  1. Just wait until you experience the famous fog, if you haven't already. :)