Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week in Perspective - Space Jam

Had another fairly straightforward week, with a couple of highlights here and there.

Had Monday off due to Presidents' Day, and then Tuesday we had our epic basketball game against our rival studio. We were intimidated at first because they all looked freakishly tall, but it turns out they weren't as scary as they looked.


We played two twenty-minute halves and wound up beating them 25 to 22. It was a great game despite some, ah temperamental moments (there may have been a guy or two on their team that took the game waaaay too seriously) and lots and lots of yelling (we didn't have ref so we had to make due, haha). We're hoping to have a rematch sometime in the coming weeks.

(Sweaters, Blue Eyes, Rayx2, Catalan Fly, Fences, 
Rossco, KCDC, T-Wayne, Trigger, and Big Country.
Awesome photo by Evan.)
We went out for celebratory food/drinks afterwards at a place called Blue Line Pizza, which was quite possibly the best pizza I've had in a while. Great staff, too!

I'm fairly relieved it's the weekend. I'm hoping to finish formatting my first round of Elements playing cards and maybe get those sent off to be printed next week. I'm also excited to watch the Oscars tomorrow (although the capacity and location are yet to be determined).

Welp, that's all I got until next time!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Fran Sanfisco Comics #2 - The Neighbors

So I'm on the third floor of my apartment building in the middle unit. I have 3 distinct neighbors that I'm aware of but have never seen - the Baby People, the Pot People, and the Hacking Cough People (or person). The comic above is an accurate description of the Baby People and how the dad copes with his crying child. I can't tell if the Pot People are actually potheads or if they just leave the window open a lot and the smell drifts in from the neighboring building, and the Hacking Cough Person I have never seen but I imagine she looks like Mama Fratelli from the Goonies.

And then there's me.

No noise complaints yet, but I'm waiting for it.

Have a good day everyone!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week in Perspective - Field Trip

Hullo friends!

Another week in SF. The highlights of this week consisted of a work field trip to the Cartoon Art Museum in downtown, where we saw the ParaNorman exhibit! In addition to concept art, they had a couple of large sets from the movie and a lot of the character figurines. I'd never seen any sort of stop-motion sets or props up close prior to this, so I was awestruck at the level of detail and craft put into each and every thing.


In addition to the ParaNorman stuff, they also had a large collection of original Chuck Jones drawings and paintings. It's absolutely astounding to look at some of these animation frames and know EXACTLY the cartoon they were from. Plenty of Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Elmer, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner there!

After the exhibit we went out for a light dinner and cocktails, and then a few of us disbanded to go watch this incredible giant pillow fight in the plaza by the Ferry Building. It looked pretty vicious from the sidelines, with plenty of feather and cotton stuffing flying everywhere.

After the fight we looked around the city for a little bit, including a tour of the Mission District. We stopped at Dolores Park and got a marvelous view of the city.

It was another great week, and I can't wait to see what next week has in store!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Fran Sanfisco Comics #1 - Acclimation Issues

Attempting to spice up the blog a little with some art! I've been drawing these "spice of life" comics lately and I thought I'd share them with you!

From what I've gathered about weather in SF, it's fairly comfortable throughout the day but can increase/decrease by about 20 degrees throughout a few hours, so everyone here preaches wearing layers. It never really gets "hot" or "cold" and stays pretty mild.

Everyone I've met who has moved here from a generally "colder" state has admitted to acclimating to California weather. For some, this isn't drastic - wearing a sweatshirt or light jacket during 45 degree weather. Not unheard of. But it's the space heaters, the winter jackets, hats/boots/scarves/gloves combos that makes me go, "CALM DOWN YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE".

For me, the acclimation experience has been interesting. I can definitely tell I'm getting used to the "winter" weather and there are times where I am legitimately chilly. But I still refuse to wear anything more than a sweatshirt, I haven't touched the radiator in my apartment (for several reasons), and I haven't yet felt any need for a space heater or fan. So far these things seem to be working out pretty well but sometimes my body still gets confused about whether I'm stifling or freezing.

As for the snow-drowned/freezing rest of the states - I feel you, bros. I feel you.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week in Perspective - Cloud 9

G'day guys!

It's been another marvelous week in the Bay. I'm getting a little more familiar with the area - every day goes by and I've explored a little bit more of the neighborhood. I've been getting to sample some of the restaurants around town and there is some DELICIOUS food about - there's a gyros place I'm especially fond of. I also got to explore the library this week, which was actually pretty huge and had a decent selection of art books. Apparently Daniel Radcliffe visited there too - there's a signed portrait of him hanging up near the children's books! Crazy! I also made my first trip on the CalTrain last night and got to run around Hillsdale for a bit, which was fun. Seems like there's quite a bit to do around here! 

Work has been going well; I'm falling into a good routine and finally getting all my technology figured out. We're working on some pretty exciting stuff right now, lots of good games coming up in the coming months!

Speaking of games, I joined my company's basketball team and we've been practicing a couple of days this week. Ordinarily I am not a very active person and the idea of competitive sports isn't my favorite, but I have been reveling in the workouts. It's been weird transitioning from a very active job (dog handling) to a sit-down desk job, and believe it or not I've been looking forward to getting off my butt and running around like a hooligan for an hour or so after work. I'm also getting to know my coworkers a little better and that's always cool.

In addition to all of that, my Elements project apparently went viral this week! I've been featured on The Mary Sue and io9 and they've even shown up on Cheezburger and imgur and have been getting emails and notes all week from people about getting merchandise, or just telling me they loved my work. It's been intense!

My only downside for the week was an ant problem in my apartment; I came home on Tuesday night and there were quite a few of them in my kitchen sink and in a straight marching line across the floor and into the living room. They seem to be coming from under the windowsill, which makes me worried there's a giant colony just behind the wall. I had the same problem when I came home from work on Wednesday. So I picked up some bait traps, and I came home on Thursday night and aside from one or two stragglers on my counter I haven't seen any others. So hopefully that's taken care of!

All in all, this week has been utterly fantastic. The amount of good things happening is mindblowing, and I am trying to soak up every minute of it because I don't want it to go away!

I do miss everyone back home, and my MIAD buddies too. Come out and visit me, it's way too awesome here!

Until next time!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week in Perspective - Californ-i-ay

Gorgeous sunset from last night! The photo doesn't do it justice but you get the idea. :)

Sorry about the infrequent updating - not having internet at home has been an interesting experience. Heck, not having FURNITURE has been an interesting experience!

In other news, I started work on Monday, which has been fantastic. I love waking up in the morning and being so excited to start my day! Although the first part of the week was mostly filling out HR forms and getting adjusted, I've been getting more and more tasks throughout the week to work on. The people I work with are very talented, nice, and helpful, and I look forward to getting to know them better. One of them even helped me move my desk into the apartment!

Speaking of which, my POD arrived on Wednesday evening. I'm sure my neighbors didn't appreciate all the banging around as I moved stuff in, but at least I didn't break anything! I'm currently in the process of unpacking everything - living area/office is almost done (just a few piles of things still left on the floor) and the bedroom closet is done. The kitchen is mostly done save for a large pile of dishes I still have to do, and I haven't even touched my room yet. Having "stuff" in the rooms is definitely making this place seem more like home, though. I'll try to put up a "walking tour" video (or at least some photos) so you guys can see it!

My next goal is to continue picking up things I need - went to the store today and got fabric softener and quarters to do laundry, got home and realized I had no detergent! (Oops.) I also need to get one of those old lady shopping carts - it's only a short walk to the grocery store but it also limits how much I'm able to buy/carry!

Well, I'm off to attempt to catch up on everything I've missed or haven't been able to do/see in the past week, so if you saw anything cool on the internet or something I should know about, feel free to post it in a comment or send it to me on Facebook or something!

Until next time!