Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 1 - The Arrival

Hi everyone!

Welcome to "Fran Sanfisco", a new blog that documents my adventures of my new life in SF!

After a morning of errands, packing, last-minute things, and a tearful goodbye to my dogs, my mom drove me to the airport. The plane took off at 3pm (Central) and arrived at San Francisco International Airport at 5pm (Pacific). The first thing I noticed when we flew in over the bay was the infamous San Francisco fog. Half the city was engulfed in it, and though I could see Oakland through a peek in the cloud cover, I once again missed an aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. (The first time I had flown in to SF, it was completely dark and I wasn't able to see much of the city except for light clusters.)

At the airport, I got lost trying to get to the Baggage Claim carousel (despite it being clearly marked), picked up my bags (with some difficulty) and headed for the Taxi area. I managed to get a cab within seconds of stepping onto the platform and marveled at the efficiency. After one terrifying ride later (got to experience the California traffic AT rush hour with a crazy driver), I was dropped off at my new apartment complex in Burlingame.

My new apartment was beautiful (walking tour video to come as soon as I get internet in my apartment)! I made camp in my room, put everything I brought in my suitcases where it needed to go, and immediately put my shoes back on and walked to the grocery store for some food. I bought the essentials - milk, cereal, bread, ramen, a box of instant mashed potatoes, and a couple cans of tuna. I did my best to buy things I could actually EAT with only one pot and some plastic silverware (which is all I brought), and only goofed up on the tuna. I signed up for the Safeway rewards card at the cashier and headed home to eat and settle in for the night.

After reading for a bit, I turned in at around 9:30pm (11:30 cst). Falling asleep in a new place is always hard - you have to get accustomed to all the new noises and smells. Whenever I would start to doze, I would hear another weird noise and bolt awake. The smell of barbecue and something else - marijuana? - floated through my open window. It didn't help that I was in a sleeping bag on a hardwood floor and would be for several nights. I finally grabbed some of my old dirty clothes and propped them up under my pillow for some extra elevation. That made a world of difference and I was able to fall asleep.

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